Payroll Deduction

We make savings and money management
convenient and hassle free.

You can have part of your paycheck automatically sent to FirstEnergy Credit Union. Payroll deduction automatically transfers predetermined amounts from your payroll check to your loan payment or savings accounts each pay period. Use this convenient service to take advantage of our great savings rates and make timely loan payments. Your deductions will start in 1-2 pay periods.



If you work outside of the FirstEnergy Corporation, payroll deduction is done through direct deposit from your employer.

  • Contact your payroll department and ask for the appropiate form and/or provide them with your FE Credit Union account and routing number.
  • Contact FEFCU at 330-535-3611 for the routing number.
  • Return the form to your employer.

No postage, no envelope, no parking, no lines...easy, convenient and pain free